The Micro Roaster

The U-Roast Micro Roaster is a computer controlled, convection air coffee roaster. It roasts 2kg of green coffee beans in 20 minutes, giving you artisan coffee directly on your bar counter; fresh coffee at your location! The Micro Roaster is easy to use and requires little of your valuable time!


Choose the coffee you want to roast and the desired roasting profile. Then the Micro Roaster reaches the chosen temperature a sound will notify you to release the beans and start roasting. After approximately 20 minutes the roasting is finished and the coffee is cold (the U-Roast Micro Roaster cools the coffee inside the drum).

  • Convection Air Roasting
  • Efficient chaff separation
  • Precise time and temperature
  • Precise cooling process
  • Quality Coffee

Freshly roasted coffee in six easy steps

1. Choose your coffee

2. Choose your programme

3. Pour in green coffee beans

4. Pull drawer to release beans

5. Roast for 20 minutes

6. Lift handle to release beans


Traditional drum roasters roast beans unevenly – the exterior of the bean is typically roasted much darker than the interior. This can result in unwanted tastes such as bitterness or even a grassy, sour taste from the under-roasted interior. In contrast, U-Roast Convection Roasting ensures even roast development throughout each bean, resulting in pure taste at the desired roast profile.

Traditional drum roasting

Uneven roast

Burning chaff releases smoke, contaminants.

Brunt taste from over roasted surface, burning

In lighter roasts, inside can be under roasted, contributing a sour or grassy taste.

Water content can be released too early by high temps, reducing caramelization.

Consistency depends upon operator; often varies form roast to roast.

U-Roast convection roasting

Even roast

Beans roasted gently by hot air.

Chaff and small particles are blown away by air stream; not present later to affect taste.

Narrow roast profiles attained (inside and outside of bean roasted to same degree).

No bitter or sour tastes.

Water released slowly for optimum caramelization.

Consistency delivered by computerized toastmaster; same roast profile every time.

Helpful answers

Q. Can I roast every day?

A. If you wish to do so! There is no limitation on the roasting days and hours.


Q. Do  I  need  to  obtain  any  special permission  to  install  and  use  the machine  in  my  location?

A. No, the Micro Roaster doesn’t require propane to function, its engine force is lower than 37kw and its thermal force is lower than 70kw.


Q. Can  I  roast  any  coffee  variety I want?

A. You can choose from any variety of green coffee beans that we provide you with.


Q. How  many  different  roast  profiles are there?
A. You can use the preset profiles or create your own depending on the roast level you wish to have.

Roaster Spec

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