How it works

Historically, coffee roasting has been an art form equivalent to gourmet cooking, requiring many years of experience under the watchful eye of a master roaster. The Micro Roaster combines advancements in computer technology with the art and passion necessary to create the finest coffees.

The U-Roast System is a computer controlled, convection air roaster. This system is the key to simple, consistent gourmet coffee roasting. Through six simple steps to create your own roast in 20 minutes. We install the roaster and deliver green coffee beans from across the world directly to your coffee shop so you can create your own roasts every day.

How will it benefit my coffee shop?

The presence of the Micro Roaster at your coffee shop will transform it into a coffee tasting centre.

The visitor will not only have the chance to smell the freshly roasted coffee but will also notice the presence of the Micro Roaster, wanting to learn more about it and taste its results. The presence of the roaster offers an interesting interaction with the clients, maximising the benefits for your business.

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Serve an ethical roast

We source Rainforest Alliance, organic and Fair Trade certified coffee from around the world bringing you ethical coffee from the best farms on the globe.

The alliance are farmers, forest communities, companies and consumers committed to creating a world where people and nature thrive in harmony. They manage 4.4 million hectares of farmland ensuring the future sustainability of the crops they produce. We work closely with the alliance to bring the best coffee from ethical farms to your customers.

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Environmentally Friendly

Creating an environmentally friendly cup is the core of the 3rd wave coffee movement. We ensure the coffee you produce is good for the planet in three ways.


1. The Micro Roaster produces no emissions

Run from the mains, it uses the same amount of energy as a microwave so you can roast with confidence


2. Green beans cost less energy to ship than roasted beans

We import top quality green coffee beans using less energy than¬† from across the world. 2kg of green beans is the same size as 1kg of roasted beans so we’re halving the amount of energy needed to ship the beans you roast.


3. We reducing and recycle wherever we can

To reduce waste, we supply you with natural jute bags to carry and store your green coffee beans. We can provide recycled paper bags to store freshly roasted coffee for sale in your store and we recycle coffee chaff for free to be used by customers as a natural pesticide and herbicide.


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Leasing your Roaster

We have many options for buying, leasing and renting the roaster. Get in touch to discuss your stores and how to get U-Roast for your customers.

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