In our final part of our Christmas Traditions series, we take a look at two more of the places where we source coffee from –  India and Brazil.


At U-Roast, we are proud to sell a range of Rainforest Alliance Certified green coffee beans from 8 different countries across 4 different continents, ensuring our customers receive quality coffee beans that are ethically sourced.





Christmas is a relatively small holiday in India compared to other religious festivals. Only 2.3% of the population is Christian but because the population is so large this means that there are over 25 million Christians.

Traditions vary depending on which region of India you are in. Many families will decorate a Banana or Mango tree instead of a traditional Christmas tree. Christians in most of India will attend midnight mass and afterwards, they will have a massive feast and exchange presents. Santa Claus delivers presents to children from a horse and cart.

Goa is a very Christian city so Christmas is a big festival there. Goa has historical connections with Portugal so many of their traditions are influenced by the Western world. People go carol singing in the week before Christmas, nativity scenes are put out and Christmas Cake is eaten.

In Mumbai, people put up manger scenes and hang up giant paper star lanterns between the houses. In the north-west of India, the tribal Christians of the Bhil folk sing carols in their local villages. In the south-west, people fast during the month of December and they will also decorate their house with a Christmas star.


About our Indian coffee beans

Situated at an altitude of 1127m, the estate was first developed by JJ Murphy, often referred to as the pioneer of planters in India. It owns the reputation of being the first organised cardamom plantation of the country. Coffee was introduced here as early as 1965. Now spread over 1000 acres of prolific coffee plantation interspersed with forest trees.




Brazil also has historic ties with Portugal as Portugal ruled Brazil for many years. People set up nativity scenes in their homes and in churches. Most Brazilians will go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve and usually, they will also attend a Christmas Day service.  Afterwards, there is a firework display and exchange presents.

In Brazil, it’s not unusual to receive a ‘13th Salary’ in December, which is a double payment of your salary for that month. This to help boost the local economy during the festive period. This has been going on for decades. The Epiphany is also widely celebrated in Brazil.


About our Brazilian coffee beans

Rio Verde was founded in 1887 and is one of the oldest farms in Brazil. Located in the heart of the Mantiqueira de Minas Mountains, this 1500 hectares farm is a true natural sanctuary, where coffees are grown at elevations of up to 1300m above sea level, surrounded by virgin forests, waterfalls, springs and hiking trails.


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