At U-Roast, we are proud to sell a range of Rainforest Alliance Certified green coffee beans from 8 different countries across 4 different continents, ensuring our customers receive quality coffee beans that are ethically sourced.

Find out more about the Christmas traditions from some of the places where we source our coffee beans from.





Guatemala is a very diverse country and has about 20 different ethnic groups. They all have their own Christmas traditions. However, most Guatemalans build a nativity scene, called a ‘Nacimiento’, which is normally put under the Christmas tree.


Then there are Posada’s which start on the 16th of December. These are small processions with statues of Mary and Joseph, and usually also include colourful lanterns, music and singing. The procession goes to a designated house each night where the statues will spend the night and then the party starts! These Posada’s last until Christmas Eve.


Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve in Guatemala when the festive celebrations begin and they eat their meal.  Fireworks are set off at midnight to celebrate the birth of Jesus and family’s exchange presents.


Children normally receive their Christmas presents on the 6th of January which is known as Three Kings’ Day in Guatemala. Before the children go to bed they leave their shoes outside along with hay and water for the Wise Men’s camels, as they are the ones bringing the gifts.


About our Guatemalan coffee beans

We source another one of our range of coffee beans from Huehuetenango. In the northwest of Guatemala, on the border with Mexico, Huehuetenango is located at the foot of the Cuchumatanes, the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America; it is one of the best regions in Guatemala for coffee production.



In Colombia, Christmas traditionally starts on the 7th of December when ‘Day of the Little Candles’ is celebrated. This is an important festivity where candles are lit in the streets and windows to welcome the holiday season and is usually accompanied by fireworks.


As Colombia is a very Catholic country, from the 16th of December until Christmas Eve, Colombian people participate in Novena’s which is where family and friends come together to pray. This is usually held in a different house every night and usually turns into a social event with lots of food, drink and music.


Like most other Latin countries Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve when many families sit down for dinner around midnight. Christmas isn’t over then either! On December 28th, the Day of the Innocents is celebrated where Colombian’s enjoy jokes and pranks, much like April Fool’s Day.


About our Colombian coffee beans

One of our range of coffee beans comes from the El Boton Farm in Colombia. The farm was a very special ecosystem: this land is located at 1350 metres above sea level, has an annual precipitation of 2400mm, and has humidity and soil conditions for growing the best Maragogipe beans in the market.


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