March is Caffeine Awareness Month and we thought that it’s the perfect opportunity to chat about the importance of fresh coffee consumption and some fun facts about coffee.


Let’s start with the history of coffee. Did you know that coffee was first discovered in 800 AD by a group of goat herders? They discovered the stimulant powers of coffee when the goats grazed on the red berries of the coffee shrub and found them dancing and frolicking in the fields! We thank those goats for discovering the wonder that is coffee and has come a long way since then. It is now the second largest traded commodity in the world.


However, the sad truth is that 95% of the coffee consumed today is in fact dead and stale. Some people are puzzled as to what fresh coffee is. Some think that fresh means freshly brewed and obviously freshly brewed coffee is better than coffee that’s been sitting for hours, but it’s not fresh coffee. Like other food that have a short shelf life, coffee is also one of them. The best time to consume coffee is between 11 hours and 7 days from roasting where it reaches its peak in potency and flavour.


We are revolutionising the coffee industry with our bespoke micro coffee roasters, making freshly roasted coffee accessible for everyone. Our machines can roast up to 2kg of coffee beans in around 30 minutes, meaning that businesses can enjoy a constant cycle of freshly roasted coffee, tailored to the needs of their customers. As a little addition, we also give away coffee chaff to customers for free! As you may or may not know, caffeine is also a natural herbicide to prevent weed growth… the power of caffeine both inside and outside of the cup!


It’s Caffeine Awareness Month and we are passionate coffee and how our bespoke micro roasters can help you sell more of it.


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