At U-Roast, we are passionate about freshly roasted coffee and we want to share with you the truth about coffee and how U-Roast plan to revolutionise the UK coffee market. We aim to make artisan coffee roasting accessible for everyone, bringing the freshest coffee to the table that everyone deserves.


Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world. We all strive for that morning coffee to set us up for the day and the coffee that helps us get through the day. The truth is, up to 95% of the coffee consumed today is in fact dead and stale. Like other foods that have a short shelf life, coffee is also one of them.


Coffee loses its vitality in as little as one week. Once seeds are separated from the coffee cherry, they can be stored for years. However, once roasted they should be consumed within 7 days. It has been examined that the peak potency time for espresso coffee is 11 hours after roasting, the peak of espresso freshness. There are too many coffee companies who produce coffee to the masses with a focus on long shelf life, marketing and packaging of otherwise, stale coffee. At U-Roast, we provide our bespoke micro roasting machines which, in turn, provides coffee that is alive, vital and potent. At U-Roast our mission is to make the freshest coffee accessible for everyone and to educate our customers about the importance of coffee roasting and coffee consumption. Long gone are the days of drinking stale coffee. It’s time for customers to start enjoying coffee in its prime.


Our micro coffee roaster brings artisan roasting straight to your countertop. It is unique in its design as it is compact enough to fit on most countertops without being too bulky and has the capacity to roast up to 2kg of coffee beans in any one cycle! We supply the best green coffee beans on the market using blend and single origins from 4 different continents and 8 different countries. Not only can you make fresh coffee within your establishment, but you can also sell any surplus fresh coffee you roast in 100g or 200g bags, generating new business revenue.


So, we believe it’s a win win for our customers. With the help of U-Roast, businesses can break the bad habit of selling stale coffee whilst also generating additional business revenue.


If you’d like to know more about our bespoke micro roasting machines, get in touch with us via our enquiry form. We’d love to hear from you.

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