Happy Valentines Day from all at U-Roast.


At U-Roast, we believe in romance and while you may find “the one” in your love life, we believe that when it comes to coffee, there are many different coffee beans which you can roast – and we can guarantee, you’ll love every one of them!


We source our green coffee beans from 4 continents and 8 countries, including Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemata, Brazil, India, Papua New Guinea, Java and Yemen.  The beauty of the U-Roast machine is that it is designed to equip your customers with that same coffee variety, all in one day, only taking 30 minutes to roast 2kg of quality artisan coffee per cycle. As a Valentines special, here is a hand-picked selection of our favourite coffee beans that we love to roast.


We love our Mocha Matari Coffee from the Bani Mattar Region in Yemen. This coffee is very fragrant with wild exotic flavours, scoring highly across aroma, body, acidity, balance and flavour overall. This coffee is grown at high altitude, between 1980-2130m, resulting in small concentrated beans that are bursting with flavour.


Alternatively, our Huehuetenango green coffee beans from Guatemata, are aromatically sweet and laced with floral and fruit elements. It’s a beautiful marriage of flavours which change places more than once into a sweeter finish, lower in acidity and aroma in comparison to our Mocha Matari Coffee but contains that bitter-sweet flavour we adore.


Or why not try our Colombian Supremo Coffee from El Botan Farm. This farm has a very special ecosystem: located at 1350m above sea level, it has the humidity and soil conditions for growing the best Maragogipe beans in the market. Our Colombian Supremo coffee beans are exotic and full of esquisite aroma, body and balance.


Whatever bean you choose, we recommend roasting these using a light roast. A light roast is roasted until the green coffee beans experience the “first crack”, visably popping and cracking as they expand due to the heat of the U-Roast machine. Try roasting these beans lightly and unevenly to accentuate its acidity and wild character.


Create your own coffee bean love story with U-Roast. For more information, call fill out our enquiry form and Ilirjan will be in touch.

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