We are bringing artisan micro roasting to the high street. We are revolutionising coffee roasting by offering on demand freedom, choice and freshness. We are U-Roast.

The U-Roast micro coffee roaster brings quality, artisan roasting straight to your countertop. A choice of quality green coffee beans from 8 countries combined with an automated 2kg bean roasting cycle, means that you can take care of your business whilst tailoring your own coffee blends to the needs of your customers.

U-Roast is perfect for both independent outlets, who may choose to sell any surplus beans they make in our beautifully branded U-Roast coffee bean packaging or for chains, who can roast on one site and supply to others.

With a focus on sustainability, our packaging is 100% recyclable and in each cycle (which takes up to maximum of 30 minutes), waste is kept to an absolute minimum.

We believe that U-Roast is the next step for coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and more, providing a revolutionary roasting method that will not only increase your product offering, but also differentiate you from others.

Our machines have already been installed in a number of establishments across the country and our customers are enjoying the added value to their business – more on what our customers have to say, coming soon!

If you’d like more information, email hello@u-roastcoffee.com

Your guide to U-Roast can be found in the following simple steps video.


Uroast from fatBuzz on Vimeo.

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